The Time Calculator

There are two ways of using this calculator. You can use it to calculate how much time until a mine is depleted. Just enter the amount of resource left, level of mine, and the time it uses per cycle. Or, you can use it the other way and calculate how much time until you gather a set amount of resource. For example: you have 3 pinewood cutters at level 3 and want to collect 5000 pinewood. Set the resource left to 5000 and the level to 9. The time in this case might differ unless the cycle time is exactly the same on all 3 cutters, so you must make an estimate or calculate that part.


Amount - Enter the amount of resource left.

Level - Enter level of building.

Overall Production Time




Whats up?


Added list of adventures sorted by type.


Added new guide for Witch of the Swamp using the Master of Martial Arts for fiewer losses. This can be found under the Guides tab...